Does An App Contains It's Data after Uninstalling ? | Android Breakdown

Have you faced it?

May be you were suddenly shocked after reading this. But only few of developer knows about this type of complications that you made an app with lot's of combinations based on database sqlite and shared preferences. You gave so much effort to make logics to maintain the records in db. But what happens then, When you are going to test your app and you did some changes in you database records, fields, column etc. And suddenly your app is showing previous records. Your app Turns out to be all that hard work went to waste. Where all the logics went ?, Why is it happening ?, You uninstalled the app completely and still there is old data.

As you read before coming into the developing phase. That you can clear the app data in two ways, First is to Go To the app details and press the "Clear Data" Button. And the second one is to uninstall the app completely.

But now your all knowledge fails in the second case. Yes, you listened it right. Just forget about second one because sometimes you can see that uninstalling won't clear the app data.

Why It Happens?

Finally you will get to know that why it is happening. Actually the app is maintaining A Backup.

Step 1: Go To AndroidMenifest.xml

Android Breakdown

Step 2: Change the allowBackup attribute of application to "false"

Android Breakdown
allowBackup attribute of application

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