svn: E155004: (path of resouce) is already locked

People who uses SVN in their projects might be facing this issue. And if you don't know about SVN so basically it is used to save your project on server. Google Cloud, GitHub and SVN are the most famous for this task.

If you use SVN in your projects then you are obviously so familiar with the terms like import, checkout, update and commit.

Solution :

Goto VCS option in menubar >> Cleanup Project

Method 2

If still your problem didn't solved try method 2 to solve this.
1. Click on File (in menubar).
2. Goto Settings.
3. Search 'SVN' or Goto Version Control >> Subversion.
4. Goto General tab.
5. And uncheck Use command line client.

svn: E155004: (path of resouce) is already locked
SVN Issue

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